Last update: 18 December 2020

This page explores the essentiality of dietary fiber. If you have any interesting studies on the topic, please share. There’s a chance I haven’t looked at it. Contact information is on the About Me page.

While dietary fiber may be helpful in weight loss8 (as one would expect from consuming mostly indigestible material) it is not a complety benign substance, and its associations may almost completely stem from its weight reduction properties. Contrary to common claims:

  • You don’t need it to evacuate1.
  • Additional fiber, in the form of supplements or normal foods, can be helpful in constipation, but it’s not a panacea, and the evidence is quite heterogenous3,9,10,11,12,13.
  • Fiber can cause constipation and other gastrointestinal problems1,2,10.
  • Fiber isn’t essential for short-chain fatty acid production in the bowel4.
  • Eating more fiber doesn’t reduce all-cause mortality5.
  • Fiber doesn’t prevent colon cancer6.
  • Fiber doesn’t prevent heart disease7.


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