Strong Medicine

Last update: 24 August 2020

I’ve recently read Blake Donaldson’s book, “Strong Medicine”. A very interesting book, to be sure, hilarious at times, with a mix of cunning observations and outdated scientific propositions.

First of all, the man is a tremendous shitlord and darwinist. Consider some of these quotes:

“Dispensary” probably means “public dispensary”, and the patients in question are poor people.
To a woman who got fat and her husband started sleeping around.
On allegies.
On what to do about alcoholism.
Medical technology’s deleterious effect on human health.

Donaldson is known for his all-meat diets, but that’s not exactly what he proposes. All-meat is his go-to for simple obesity, but for other things, he allows several other things to go with the meat (at least optionally). If anything, his stance is very Paleo, starting with observations on the state of dental health of primitive peoples:

The kind of foods he found to be adequate, besides fatty meat, are tubers, a limited variety of vegetables and fruits. He identified the chief problem foods as:

Still, there’s apparently nothing wrong with eating just meat:

Donaldson has a fair amount of opinions that are quite strange, but aren’t obviously wrong (such as the suggestion that smoking doesn’t cause cancer). His stance on salt is basically “never eat any” (reasonable from a Paleo template viewpoint), same as his opinion of eggs (which are kind of a gray area with Paleo thinking) and his stance on coffee is “drink exactly three half-cups per day”. The latter might be simply a reflection of the times and the culture of the land.

Overall, it’s a good book, which I recommend anyone interested in nutrition to read.

Finally, a collection of quotes I found noteworthy or funny:

How did these become popular? Could be that Donaldson is just weird.
Doubly true a century later.
I can confirm that eating too much cheese causes constipation. It’s probably the low water content.
More shitlording.
Therapy for an underweight patient.
This is probably even truer now. Yet people take even more vitamin pills.
Karen sighting.
General allergy treatment.
Amusing, yet important – savages don’t drink milk, yet have good teeth.
More allergy treatment.
The darwinism is strong with this one.
Demolishing myths.
Interesting. PUFA at work?
Interestingly, time restricted eating is largely unimportant in Donaldson’s view.
The one thing that troubles me greatly is the egg indictment.
Insanity that is mainstream thought to this day.
I confirm this. Too little fat – constipation. Too much – diarrhea.
On low-calorie diets.
The basic treatment.
Full agreement here – people can’t follow orders. Especially orders that don’t make sense to them.

4 thoughts on “Strong Medicine”

  1. Terrific! Is Donaldson talking about raw meat when he says fresh meat? Or does he mean not dried or processed?

    1. @Rich w

      I think he means as opposed to dried or processed. He presumes that such meat will be cooked, however, and has no issues with that. He’s not against things like sausages, either.

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