Effects (carnivore diet)

Last update: 22 August 2021

I’m often asked about the benefits of a fully carnivorous diet – what it does for me? This is a tough question to answer, mostly because I was not a wreck of a man when I adopted it. Some people see dramatic and extreme improvements, particularly if they have autoimmune conditions and advanced metabolic illness, neither of which applied to me at the time. Hence the relatively muted results, and some difficulty explaining why I continue to do this. Here is a list of changes and relevant health issues I’ve noted.

Area Effect
Body composition Slimmer than normal, but mass set-point unchanged.
Insulin sensitivity No baseline to compare. Good on animal foods only. See here.
Skin condition Better, acne greatly reduced.
Lipids TC up, HDL up, TG down, LDL up. See also here.
Vitamin D status No longer frankly deficient.
Dental health Teeth stopped rotting, see here.
B-vitamin status No longer deficient.
Iron marker status No longer deficient, ferritin still high.
Liver panel No baseline to compare. AST and ALT often mildly elevated. Otherwise good.
Strength Substantially improved, absent exercise.
Mood Largely the same. Maybe more stable.
Intestinal health Evacuation frequency decreased.
Immune function Improved. Rarely sick.
Omega-3 status No baseline to compare. Depends entirely on recent wild fish consumption.
Blood pressure Unchanged. High normal.
Questions about effects Greatly increased amount.