What I Eat

Last update: 22 August 2021

Current diet

Mixed diet intended for weight reduction.

CarbohydratesUnprocessed, e.g. rice, potatoes, fresh fruit
Fats (added)Butter
Proteins and fatsMainly pork, fish, eggs
Dairy (non-fat)Avoid
OtherCoffee, sugar-free gum
TimingIdeally, one meal per day, in practice it varies

Carnivore diet

A note on definitions. High in protein, moderate in fat.

Meats (inc. fish)YES
Processed meatsRARELY
Other dairyAVOID
Other (gum, tea, coffee, powders, etc)VARIABLE

Original diet

Whatever I want, whenever I want, however much I want. Heavy on cheese, bread, fruit and sugary sweets, but low in meat.