Insulin sensitivity markers

Last update: 8 February 2020

Here you have a few handy markers of insulin sensitivity, based on fasting blood tests and anthropometrics. The oral glucose tolerance test with insulin assay (Kraft test) and the glucose clamp techniques are better, but are often unavailable or too expensive. Simply fill out your numbers, then click the button to get a score in each. Of these the McAuley and LAP indices are the strongest. 

Comments are my opinion. I take a very strict approach, since these are surrogate markers, and will prefer sensitivity over specificity. It’s better to err on the side of caution and unnecessarily fret over something that isn’t there, rather than falsely be reassured, but have a preventable problem. 

If you have different units for these measurements, use Unitslab or a similar tool to convert them. 

Glucose (mg/dl) Insulin (mIU/L) Triglicerides (mg/dl) Waist circumference (cm) Sex
Metric Value Comment
McAuley Index
LAP Index

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