The Ill Rooster

Last update: 27 November 2019

Originally posted on Wykop here.

1. Find an ill rooster.

An ill rooster

2. Kill him by decapitation. The body will still move for about a minute after the head is removed.

3. Dunk the carcass in scalding water and pluck it. If it’s going poorly, dunk it again. When it’s all plucked, burn off the tiny remaining feathers.

Dunking in scalding water

4. Gut it. Be careful about that green thing – that’s the gallbladder; gall doesn’t taste good. Also pay attention for the contents of the digestive tract, which can leave by the front, back or in the middle if you cut not precisely enough. The heart, stomach and liver are edible (if they look good, if they look sickly, toss them out). The stomach needs to be cut open and the inner membrane removed. The legs need to be peeled as well, after scalding them.


5. Put everything in the oven for an hour.

The ill rooster